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I crave two things: stimulating conversation and your cock! Give me both pretty please? I love connecting with someone new. Most of all I love a person that can stimulate that special spot in between my legs! Can you do that for me? I bet you can. My mind almost always goes straight to dirty thoughts, I day dream about a cock sliding into my holes at all times. I am getting so horny and wet writing about this! Can I be your dirty girl? xxx Kassandra

The Best Phone Sex Calls with Kassandra at 1-800-Jet-Doll

GFE (Girl Friend Experience) Spoil me with your cock and your wallet! I want to be your girlfriend! I’m ready to here everything about your day and then I’ll be here for a phone fucking great time when you need to release some stress! Sometimes you need more than a hit it and quit it and that’s where I come in! Let me be your phone girlfriend ;) 

Face Sitting Phone Sex This could go hand in hand with anal and pussy worship. I want to straddle your face and see what your tongue can do!  Take a deep breathe baby cause i’m going to smother you with my pussy!

Facial Phone Sex No i’m not talking about a facial at the spa! I want you to drench my face in your cum! C’mon daddy spoil me with that big load! As much as I love getting that warm load in my pussy there’s something super hot about getting it pumped all over my face!

Things to Experience at 1-800-Jet-Doll

– Party calls: Get on the phone with as many ladies as you would like! It’s super hot 

– Discreet phone sex just the way you like. No personal information is shared with your lady.

– 24/7 Availability! No matter what time you call there is always LIVE customer service and LIVE ladies waiting to turn you on!

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