Asian Special, Hot and Spicy

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I enter the upscale hotel’s bar, wearing my most scandalous red dress and
gold heels, making me much taller than my normal five foot one stature.
My long black hair arranged in a side pony, my cute face painted up like an
asian doll.

Our eyes connect from across the crowded bar.
I can tell by the excited, yet nervous glint in your eyes that you are the man
that I am here to meet.
I saunter over to you and casually take the empty bar stool next to yours.
The chain of my gold purse clinking on the glass bar.
You order me my favorite drink, Red Lotus.
Your eyes widen as you take in my low cut red silk mini dress with gold

I take a perfunctory sip, my red lip gloss staining the rim of the glass, both
of us knowing that soon it will be staining your cock as well.
I turn to you with a smirk, crossing my short, toned legs seductively.
“You ordered the Hot, Spicy, Asian Special?”
You nod, almost embarrassed.
I place my hand on your thigh, teasing you with my long red fingernails as I finish my drink.
You down the remainder of your beer and off we go up to your room.
Once you unlock the door with your keycard and we stroll inside all of that

I shove you against the closed door and place a hot and spicy kiss on your
lips and then dropped to my knees and unbutton your trousers and take
your cock into my mouth.
I look up at you with my beautiful black asian eyes as I deep throat you.
You cum quickly.
I swallow and we make our way to the bed.
As you make yourself comfortable, I begin to undress.
My sexy little B cup titties pop out and I shove the rest of the dress over my
hips, so that it puddles on the floor.
You look at my red lace panties skeptically.
“Are you sure that you are uh… special?”

I giggle and pull down panties.
Out pops my thick asian dong.
Your face widens into a grin.
This time, you get on your knees and you take my cock into your mouth.
I’m surprised at how good you are as you deep throat me and I fill your
mouth with my sweet Asian cum.

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