I have got a love for toys and boys! Not just any toys either…vibrating toys are my favorite! It wasn’t until I started playing with sex toys that I really knew how to please my partners and myself! The best way to know what you what a cock to do inside you is if your practice with toys first! This is when I started having orgasms all the damn time! I started with a classic 8 inch sparkly pink dildo. My boyfriend had a nice long and thick dick, but I just couldn’t cum! He told me I should practice to see what I really liked. I was so embarrased at first! So one night when he was away I took it out and lubed it up. I laid on my bed and started sliding it in and out over and over again. I LOVED it. I needed more though…that’s when I turned over and started straddling it and bouncing up and down on it. It perfectly rubbed against my clit OMG it was amazing! I came just a few moments later I was so surprised! After that I wanted more…I went out and bought a vibrating dildo and a smaller dildo shaped like a cock to go in my asshole. With a dildo in both of my holes and the vibrator on my clit I was in heaven! I called my boyfriend up and told him it was time to play…call me to find out what we did!

Why you should call me for dildo play phone sex at 1-800-Jet-Doll!

– I have so many toys! Dildos, vibrators, beads and bondage items

– While I love using them on myself I also like to instruct my phone sex partner on how to use their toys

– Anybody who has ever had an orgasm while playing with sex toys needs to take it up a notch! That means having me whispering and moaning with pleasure in your ear ;)

How to Prepare for Phone Sex with Asia

Sit back and relax. I prefer my client to be in bed with their toys ready, but if you have a special spot for the action I am happy where you are happy! Get your lube and lay back and lets begin! Once we start I don’t want any interruptions or distractions. It’s all about you and me and reaching that maximum orgasm.

Call Asia now at 1-800-Jet-Doll