Sarah and Becky

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sarah and becky

sarah and becky

Well hello, there! Becky and I are just a couple of the many bi-curious girls at Jet Doll. We’ve been hooking up for guys on the phone for a couple years now and though I’ve been with a lot of other girls, Becky is my favorite. Let’s just say she knows me the best. Knows where to touch me and kiss me and lick me until I’m moaning in ecstasy. If you are looking to get off with a couple of kinky girls then call us at 1800-Jet-Doll. Two girl calls are very popular and for good reason. What guy doesn’t fantasize about being with two hot girls at the same time? C’mon baby, you know you want to try it…

Lesbian Phone Sex at 1-800-Jet-Doll

Talk to horny lesbian ladies at 1-800-Jet-Doll. Nothing is hotter than girl-on-girl action! Sarah and Becky love to go down on each other and then bring a man into the mix. Listen to these hot ladies as they use their big strap on and other erotic dildos!


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