Roommates who Share!

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The other night I went to my usual bar with my girls. As soon as I walked in this dark haired guy caught my attention. We locked eyes, I smiled but I kept on going. The night was still early and I needed some drinks in me. A few drinks later…I started thinking about how I wanted him in me! Conveniently enough, he walked right on up to me and introduced himself. His name was Jake and he was an accountant and had two other roommates. Our intentions were clear when we started feeling on each other right there so he mentioned taking it back to his place. Usually I don’t just go to some strangers place but something about him made me do it. When we got back to his place I met his roommates…they were as handsome as him. He told me they like to share and asked if I was down. Three sexy cocks all for me? I said yes…I do have three holes after all! Want to know how the rest of the night went? Call me to find out. xoxKatie

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