Make Love to Me-Call Kassandra

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Kassandra: Make love To Me...

You come up to me, a hint of mischief in your eyes as you draw me close to you, taking me into
your arms, you lower your head and you capture my lips with yours. 
This is a teasing kiss, a knowing kiss, a wanting kiss.
We part just long enough for you to press your lips to my left earlobe and you whisper that you
want to make love to me.
The feel of your hot breath tickling my skin is enough to make me want you to make love to me.
I nod.
We go into your bedroom.
The bed is dressed in satin sheets and there are lit vanilla candles everywhere.
A bottle of red wine on the night table.
You’ve planned this.
I’m growing wetter by the second.
We smile at one another.
I allow you to take the lead.
You spin me around and pull me against you.
You are already hard.
Your lips find my neck and then my bare shoulder as you slowly unzip my strapless dress.
It falls to the floor.

You reach around me and unclasp my bra, exposing my thirty-six D’s, pinching my nipples as you continue to feather kisses over my neck and my shoulders.
I’m under your spell as you scoop me up and lay me in the center of the bed.
You quickly remove all of your clothing and crawl between my open legs.
You lay on top of me and you kiss me passionately, lovingly.
Your lips find my neck and then my nipples.
You gently caress them and pinch them between your expert fingers.
Taking one hard bud into your mouth and sucking it between your tongue and your teeth, biting
it ever so gently.
I whimper and moan with pleasure.
You do the same with my right breast and then you feather kisses down over my body and
between my thighs, this time you hook your thumbs into my panties and remove them.

You go down and begin to explore my sweet wetness with your tongue and your slips sliding a finger inside and then another, nearly bring me to climax.
You take my legs and pull them over your shoulders, cupping my bottom into your hands, you
ease your throbbing cock into my warm mound.
Both of us moan as you slide completely inside, making us one.
We feel so good together.
Your thrusts slow and easy, taking your time as you make love to me…

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