Lonely Housewife

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I’m forty-five years old and married, but my husband is gone all the
time working his ass off, so I don’t have too.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the money! lol
I do get lonely though…
Late at night when the rest of my friends are sleeping, I am out for a
drive trolling the local bars for dick.

Because I live in a college town, barely legal dick is easy enough to find.
One weekend I entered this local bar and immediately caught the
attention of these two cocky college sophomores.
Sean and Tyler
Dumb, but pretty.
I could tell that they were inexperienced and I wanted to take care of
that. I brought them back to my place.
Well to the pool house.

They were already undressed by the time I got the door closed.
They were well build with nice above average dicks.
I had them sit on the bed, while I poured us a drink and did a slow
striptease for them.
They loved my big tits and my wide ass.
I gave each of them a passionate kiss and then I got on my knees in
front of Sean.
I kissed the mushroom head of his cock and licked him and sucked him
and watched as both of them opened their eyes in amazement as I
swallowed him whole.

Clearly they’d never had that done before.
I did the same to his friend and then I got onto the bed and spread my
legs and told Sean to go down on me.

He was eager, but good enough that I came.
Tyler slid between my tits and gave them a good fucking,until he came
all over them.
I licked the cum up and then got him hard again with my hands and
mouth and then got on all fours on the bed.
Sean got behind me and slid inside of my lubed up ass, while Tyler slid
under me and inserted his dick into my pussy.
A few hard thrusts and they made me cum and filled me up with theirs.
That was a fun weekend….

X~ Johanna

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