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Cathie Clitcock is my husband.
I don’t talk about him very much, though I really should.
He is quite a m an, though I use that term loosely.
Allow me to explain…
His real name is Carl.
He is a very successful attorney at a law firm here in Virginia.

He and I met about fifteen years ago when I applied to be his new secretary.
I was immediately attracted to him.
He was in his late thirties,over six foot tall, with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes and movie star good looks with an athletic build.
He dressed in expensive suits, drove a flashy red ferrari and exuded money and power.
I couldn’t understand why some woman hadn’t snatched him up.
At first I thought he might be gay,but from the way he undressed me with his eyes, I knew that wasn’t true.
He always kept it professional,but there were not so accidental touches of my ass and peeks down my shirt.

On the night of the annual year end party, I decided to find out.
It was always held at his fabulous Colonial style mansion on the lake .
I’d only been there a few times before,but again I was floored by the fact that no woman had managed to nail him down.
Perhaps he just hadn’t found the right one yet.

I was chatting with some colleagues and enjoying a glass of wine, when I saw him disappear upstairs.
I decided to follow him.
He’d gone into his master bedroom and left the door ajar.

I stood there silently watching him for a moment as he sat his glass down on his heavy oak dresser and opened one of the drawers and withdrew a pair of expensive red silk panties. My interest was peaked.
He stepped out of his shoes and removed his trousers.

That is when I saw them .
He was wearing a pair of bright pink sheer lace panties. Now things were starting to make sense.
He was a panty boy, a sissy!

I choked back a giggle and decided to make my move.
I carefully pushed the door open and then stepped inside and closed it behind me.
Carl turned toward me a look of sheer horror on his handsome face, his hands immediately covering his man bits.
“Victoria!” he shrieked, cheeks turning as red as the panties, he’d laid on the dresser earlier.”What are you doing in here?”
“Finding out your dirty, I am guessing little secret.” I offered proudly as I sauntered over to him and sat my wine glass next to his own. “Ever since I began working for you earlier this year I wondered why no women ever came to the office, why I never made dinner plans for you, ordered flowers or gifts for someone special, you know the typical secretarial duties, and then there are the other secretarial duties that you never asked me to perform. Those that the other partners have been propositioning me for since I arrived at the firm.”
I placed my hands on his shoulders and worked my way down to his hands.
“V…Victoria this is highly unprofessional and inappropriate.You should leave.” he stammered, though not attempting to move my hands away from his own.

I leaned in closer to him.
“Okay,but if I leave I am going to go downstairs and tell everyone that you wear panties and you don’t want me to do that.” I whispered with a giggle.” However if you let me stay, this can become our little secret.”
He looked at me cautiously as he thought what I’d said over.
“What did you have in mind?”
“I can make all of your little sissy fantasies come true.” I offered as I slowly stripped out of my dress, revealing my thirty­six D cup tits,that were barely contained inside of my sexy sheer black lace bra,slim waist, matching barely there panties and silk thigh highs.
I pressed my body up against his and kissed him hot and hard on the lips.
He moved his hands over my back and my bottom.
I could feel his little nub getting hard,throbbing against my belly button.
He slipped his tongue into my mouth and then down along my neck, unclasping my bra and setting my tits free.
He looked at them hungrily.
I grabbed his hands and shook my head.
“ No Cathy, those are for the big boys, not for the sissies like you.” I laughed, then I dropped to my knees and placed my hands in the silky band of his panties.

Anticipation filled me as I slowly peeled away the silk fabric.
I couldn’t help,but gasp and giggle when I finally saw it.
To look at him you would think would be packing eight or ten inches instead of that pathetic little gherkin he had between his legs.
Actually gherkin is probably being too generous.
It was more like a nub.
A micro­penis if you will.
His balls were small too, like two little bitty grapes.

If he hadn’t shaved his private area I swear he would never have been able to find it to piss with. That is actually all it was good for, really.
No wonder he was wearing panties, he didn’t have enough to even bother with real mean undies.

I looked up at him with my eyes wide, moving my index finger over the small head.
“Is this as big as it gets?” I giggled.
“Yes.” he breathed.
“Lay on the bed and stroke it for me.” I instructed, settling into a more comfortable position on the bed.

He removed his shirt and did as I asked.
All he had to use was his thumb and index finger. Like I said it was small.

I stared at him.
I was soaking wet.
I removed my panties and settled my tight juicy pussy on his face.
He immediately began licking and sucking on my clit, causing me to cum hard in his mouth. Twice.
Satiated for the moment, I snuggled close to him and kissed him, loving the smell and taste of my orgasm on his tongue and his lips.
I decided to remove his hand and replace it with my own.
“You are very good with your tongue Carl or should I keep calling you Cathy.”I breathed, hot breath on his neck and in his earlobe.”Tell me what makes this teeny, tiny little nub hard, besides panties.”
He was getting harder.
“Everything about you.” he admitted happily.”You touching me, you knowing my secret, how small I am licking your pussy.”
I caressed his balls and moved my finger a little lower.
“Yeah, go to my pussy. Please.” he pleaded.
“Pussy? Oh yeah, we are going to get along wonderfully Cathy.” I teased as I slipped my index finger into his ass.
His eyes widened and he arched his back.
I thrust my finger in and out, with the fingers on my right hand I massaged his numb.
He was getting close.
“Oh yeah, Cathy that is it, cum for me bitch!” I demanded gruffly.
“Cum for me now and if you are a good little sissy I will let you lick my pussy again later.”
That was all it took,soon his little clit erupted all over my hand.
I smiled and brought it to his mouth.
He greedily licked his cum off of my hand.
That night Cathy Clitcock was born and we have had many wonderfully, kinky adventures ever since.
I can’t wait to share them with you!

~xoxo Victoria

Well… other than being a source of endless entertainment for friends when he would pull it out of his panties and jerk it for us.

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